Thursday, 27 November 2008

Arcade site hoardings become that little bit more honest

We'd like to shake the hand of whoever made this new amendment to the Arcade site hoardings (and no, we honestly don't know who did it!).
By changing an R to a D, St Modwen has been outed as "The UK's leading degeneration specialist". We couldn't agree more. Signing a development agreement on a big site in the heart of Walthamstow, then leaving it as rubble potentially for years because of the recession, is really dragging down our area. It's literally a waste of space and it's about time the council did something else with the site.
The new improved hoardings are even better than when someone added a comment on a sticker a while back - after the caption "This image is indicative and does not resemble the final scheme" someone quite reasonably added "So what is the point of it?"
Anonymous graffiti people of Walthamstow, we salute you!

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Friday, 21 November 2008

Trashification and Zombification

Click on the picture above to view, in full, Rowan Moore's [Evening Standards Architecture Critic] castigation of the Olympic Big Screens, and the damage he believes they will do to urban public space. Click on the second picture to read Barry Coidan's letter to the Standard pointing out that contrary to LOCOGs [Largely Overpaid Consultants of Gibberish] claims about Big Screen popularity, no official consultation ever took place in Walthamstow, but all recent surveys suggest the Big Screen is decidedly Pasonica Non-Grata.

Interesting aside; 'Walthamstow' was not recognised by the Blogger Spell Check. It suggested 'Wealthiest' as an alternative. Not sure?!

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