Friday, 23 March 2012

Save Leyton Marsh march + an interesting walk around Walthamstow

Sorry for the short notice, but there's a walk tomorrow (Saturday 24th March) to oppose unfettered Olympics development on Leyton Marsh - 75% of Leyton Marsh has been fenced off to construct basketball training facilities for the Olympics! See Indymedia or Facebook for full details of the march and the campaign.

Meanwhile on Wednesday 28th March there's an after-work walk around Walthamstow, run by Capacities. Their theme is the different ways in which the local authority has treated "the two Walthamstows": the village requiring "conservation" and the town centre requiring "regeneration". Should be interesting. Full info here.

WALK UPDATE: Meet at 6.10 pm (for 6.15 pm departure).  The best ticket/ info point at which to meet is the Selbourne Road Bus Station one.  If emerging from tube, turn left at barriers, along subway towards Selbourne Road exit.  Go up steep stairs and then you see it ahead.  If coming on surface level, head for bus station and look out for the info counter.

Itinerary:  We will start by crossing Hoe Street and walking east along St Mary Street and Church Walk to the parish church to look around churchyard.  Latecomers could catch us at the tourist noticeboard by Vinegar Alley at 6.30 pm ... from there we will walk back through the church precinct, past the Ancient House and then follow Orford Road round to Old Town Hall, past the shops and Orford House Social Club, S down Pembroke Road, W along Grosvenor Park Road, then N up Hoe Street to bus station, Town Square, High Street, Arcade Site and finally to Ye Olde Rose and Crown at 53 Hoe Street.  This we should reach at 7.45.   Table reserved at the back...

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