Saturday, 30 May 2009

AGT - Arcade's Got Talent

And so the Arcade Show goes on. Bulldozers are due on-site on Monday to level the area, in to prepare the ground for a temporary public space.

There are a number of contenders bidding to become an alternative to the 'tower-block-cinema-hotel-swimming-pool fiasco'. Although there is a commitment to involve the public, it is unclear at what stage this will be. Let's hope we don't have to spend weeks watching a panel of the vacuous and the unhinged, select our choices for us.

It's good to see the council responding to public pressure, and planning to make use of the space, but it is essential that they outline exactly how the decision making process will operate, and make it possible for local residents to actively participate in it.
For more information check out the article below;

Unfortunately the council is still seriously contemplating the 'tower-block-cinema-hotel-swimming-pool-fiasco', and they have applied to consider the need for an Environmental Impact Assessment. For more info see;

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