Friday, 23 July 2010

12-storey tower block - incoming!!!

Alert! Alert! The word on the street is that Solum's planning application to stick a whopping great big tower block on the Walthamstow Central station car park is imminent. Like, next week imminent.
They're sneaky so-and-sos at Solum. They did their "public exhibition" with the bare minimum of publicity, and over just two days, so many people missed it. And now they're putting in for planning permission just as school summer holidays start, so loads of people will miss the consultation period. It's almost as if they wanted to steamroller this rumoured to be 12 STOREY TOWER BLOCK through without objections!
Yep, they've cut the height from 14 to 12 storeys according to our sources. Woo! And there's minimal affordable housing in the development, and very little family housing, so it really doesn't give Walthamstow anything positive at all. There's also no parking planned, despite the development including a hotel. Oh and it's still pig ugly - see above.
We'll let you know ASAP when you can send your objections, so do please check your email when you and the family are off on holiday ;-)

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Thursday, 1 July 2010

St Modwen Are Back!

St Modwen return with new Arcade site plan

Having pulled out of a scheme to develop Walthamstow’s Arcade site with a tower containing homes, shops and community facilities St Modwen have approached the council again.

Since the council's pledge to develop the site with £30 million of taxpayers money is now dead in the water as public spending is dramatically cut, St Modwen have returned with a new “market orientated” scheme.

Council leader Chris Robbins, who ordered the site to be brought back into community use last year, said: “The council has agreed to allow St Modwen until early July to submit details of their proposals.

Watch this space for news of an entirely similar plan to blot the Walthamstow landscape.

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