Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Tower block plans online – object to them now!

View from the south - note how the blocks beautifully frame (read: TOTALLY DWARF) the station in between them!
You can now send in your objections to the proposed tower blocks on the Walthamstow Central station car park site. Plans that are 13 STOREYS at their tallest, dwarfing even Tower Mews opposite, the tallest building for miles around.

The basic info about the application can be found on the council’s website. This being Waltham Forest council, when we visited the site we couldn’t access detailed documents, but no problem – we’ve got hold of a copy and uploaded them to the web ourselves!

To see the plans in all their g(l)ory you can download this 5MB PDF file. Beware… late night reading might give you nightmares about the future of Walthamstow.

Our biggest concerns are that the tower blocks are too tall for the area, of poor design quality and won’t integrate well with the rest of the town centre. We’re not opposed to the idea of developing the car park – we just think it’s an important location that deserves something better than being carpet bombed with generic tower blocks by greedy developers.

You can email your objections to quoting planning application number 2010/1047. However horrid you think the proposals are, please try object on valid planning grounds. You could also email your ward councillors and tell them why you think this development would be bad news for Walthamstow.

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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Another 'Crime against Design'

Development company Solum have submitted revised plans for their proposed station car park development. The plans are for a ghastly 12 storey hotel / housing block, totally out of keeping with the low-rise victorian terraces which it will loom over.
Local resident groups opposed to the development are planning a public meeting in opposition to this 'crime against design'.

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