Thursday, 31 January 2013

Blackhorse Lane plans on show

New plans to develop the area North-West of Blackhorse Road station. Visit the public exhibitions tomorrow and Saturday (1st & 2nd Feb) to see the plans for yourself. See Blackhorse Action Group for details and the Blackhorse Lane Consultation site too.

We haven't seen enough of the plans yet to comment... but please god don't call it Morris Village!

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Friday, 25 January 2013

South Grove update

Predictably, the consultation on the South Grove plans didn't involve much consulting with residents. It was more like a public exhibition of the plans. And one where it was hard to get a straight answer out of them on simple questions like height...

Our friends at Blackhorse Action Group have written a report on the so-called 'consultation' which is well worth reading.

And the short (ha!) answer on height is: two storeys of retail plus seven storeys of housing on top. But the retail ones are double height, so the development will effectively be the same height as an 11-storey building.

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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

South Grove consultation this week - tall buildings klaxon!

Here comes another one!!!

New plans for a BIG development at South Grove - the patch of land that's currently a large car park and business centre, between Sainsburys and the little roundabout at the end of Markhouse Road.

Not sure where that is? See this map or look at the picture above (unhelpfully, this is looking at the site from the north, as if you're floating above the market looking south across the overground line).

We haven't seen the plans but looking at the publicity they clearly include a big Morrisons supermarket (a stone's throw from Sainsburys) and car park, up to three other shops and lots of new homes (reportedly 240 flats!).

Don't be fooled by the apparent scale of the buildings taken from an angle that would make anything look diddy. Click on the picture to look more closely and you'll see that, like the new Arcade plans, the gardens pictured are in fact on top of a building, surrounded by taller blocks. (Look at the bottom right of the development, and see how the building underneath dwarfs a juggernaut!) So the overall height of the tallest buildings looks to be MASSIVE. Well over 10 storeys we'd guess.

Find out more at or better still come to the consultation this week and have your say.

Consultations: this Friday 18th Jan (2pm-8pm) and Saturday 19th Jan (10am-4pm) at Alpha Business Centre, South Grove E17 7NX

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