Thursday, 9 July 2009

It's not all bad news.

Summarising a year of "catastrophic" write downs, Bill Oliver, St Modwen's chief executive admitted "we are at the lowest ebb, [but] we don't think we've reached the bottom."

Whilst it doesn't look likely that St Modwen will actually collapse, The Financial Times noted
"with the property market likely to stay moribund for some time, it is hard to get excited about the prospects for the sector"

An appropriate comment also in relation to the 'car park' which the council have built for us. I am finding it very hard to get excited about the prospects for this sector. However, the Grand Opening is coming up, and it will be fun.
A bouncy castle, face painting and some jugglers in a car park. Yet again Waltham Forest Council striving to get the very best for Walthamstow.

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Friday, 3 July 2009

We want YOUR ideas on a postcard!

What would YOU like to see on the Arcade site in central Walthamstow?

We're asking residents, artists, schoolchildren and architects to send us a postcard with their dreams, visions and ideas for the site, on the corner of High Street and Hoe Street.

Thousands of postcards are being distributed. Grab one at a pub, shop or community centre near you and jot down your ideas. Alternatively, click on the links below to download the postcard, download a bigger picture to work on (entries can be in any form, not just postcards), or download a brief for schools or architects.

You can pick up a postcard from venues including: Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub, Waterstones, The Mall information point, Co-operative Bank, Daisy's, Penny Fielding's Beautiful Interiors.

Or email your details to and we can send you a postcard.

We'll be exhibiting entries over the coming months. Our first two exhibitions will be at the Changing Room Gallery, Lloyd Park (31 August - 6 September), and as part of the E17 Art Trail at the Rose & Crown pub on Hoe Street (5-13 September). Details of more exhibitions to come.

Click on the links below for more info...

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