Thursday, 16 December 2010

'Tis the Season of much Folly

In some ways it was appropriate that Solum should have arranged for such cold and miserable weather for the evening of their Presentation. No amount of showy IT could mask the fact that the Tower they are planning for the Station car park will be enormous, and ugly, there is no way anyone will want to stay in their hotel, and the 'Night-Economy' will be improved not one jot. Unfortunately, if it looks like it, sounds like it and smells like it, then it is.

However, perhaps even more depressing than the weather, and the Solum Plans, [plans allegedly hewn by a gang of rabid foxes gnawing on a left-over ransid ham] is the fact that our inglorious representatives on the council appear to be so hungry that they will gratefully accept this landfill, and worse still put a bit of pickle on the side, and try to tell us its actually quite tasty.

Go on have a mouthful, look we're eating it, ooooh its lovely, mmmm so tasty.

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