Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Dog track update

You might think the whole area has gone to the dogs, but we think otherwise. In fact, there's a compelling argument for getting the dogs back!

If the council has rejected the UCKG's plans for our listed cinema on the grounds that it's viable to keep it in use for the purpose it was designed for, shouldn't the same logic be applied to Walthamstow's listed greyhound stadium?

If you missed last night's public meeting about the dog track, you can read reports online from Save Our Stow and Waltham Forest Civic Society.

And details of how to see and comment on L&Q's plans to turn it into a giant housing + leisure development are on the council website. You have until the end of February to object - get racing!


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure a human choosing to watch a film is even remotely analogous with making animals bred for the purpose run round a track.

I'm not especially anti-dog racing but you need a better argument that that.

Anonymous said...

In planning law it probably is analogous though... national guidelines basically say that listed buildings should ideally be used for the purpose for which they were designed, if that's a viable option. That argument holds across both planning applications, doesn't it?